This hand and body cream is lightweight and provides instant moisturising. Keeps your skin smooth and healthy with a fresh scent.

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What can Agape Nano Zn Mist do?

Nano Zn Mist is a product that can heal the wound quickly, especially beneficial for inflammatory acne and related scarring.

Benefit: 1

Helps to reduce acne

Did you know that alcohol-based hand sanitizers can lead to dry skin, infection, and even alcohol poisoning? Agape Alpha Ion Sanitizer is alcohol free with effectiveness lasts up to 24 hrs.

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Benefit: 2

Prevent bactericidal and fungicidal

With key content of Zinc Acetylmethionate, Agape Alpha Ion Spray can also improve immune system and metabolism function.

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Benefit: 3

Reducing the unpleasant odour

Agape Alpha Ion Spray also contains Glycerin that helps to prevent dryness and combat dry skin.

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Get protected.

Antibacterial, anti-odour, toxic free and alcohol free. All in a bottle.

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